Ericsson Context-Aware Social Networking for Mobile Media

 Ericsson Context-Aware Social Networking for Mobile Media

     Advances in Information and Communication Technology during the last decade have enabled telecom operators, and other providers to go mobile with a wide range of services and social networking services are not an exception. Context-awareness, such as being able to pinpoint the user geographically or know whether he or she is at work, in school or just shopping downtown, is critical for dynamic, goal-oriented and temporal approach that current social networking services assume. Users are no longer satisfied just with “being connected”, they need their PC’s, laptops and smartphones to be aware of where, when or how they are connected.

     Let us imagine Ericsson’s employee Eric has arrived at a big conference. The number of people there is astonishing – but no worries, he pulls out his smartphone, opens up Ericsson’s application and searches for all of his contacts nearby (in his social networking accounts). The application shows him their exact location and also new interesting business people he could meet through them. Here, it is all about having good contacts and being at the same place, at the same time.

     Ericsson Context-Aware Social Networking for Mobile Media aims to introduce Ericsson Nikola Tesla to the rapidly expanding market of social networking (more specifically - social networking services for mobile devices) through extensive applied research. Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as well as Croatian industry in general, must find their way of challenging services that Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn provide, in order to stay up-to-date within the world of Information and Communication Technologies. Context-aware social networks provide an alternative, temporary and goal-oriented medium for communication and interaction among users. This kind of social networks represents an innovative platform for handling user’s current social relationships, as well as provides an effective solution for developing new social relationships.

     Planned outcome of this project includes publishing scientific articles in domestic and international peer-reviewed scientific journals, and applied research based on actual, already existing projects in Ericsson Nikola Tesla and at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing; the result is a real-life, fully-functional context-aware social networking platform proof-of-concept. The project Ericsson Context-Aware Social Networking for Mobile Media aims to increase competence, knowledge and research in the field of social networking, seeking to benefit both the Croatian industry and academia long-term.

ECASON is sponsored by Unity Through Knowledge Fund in 2014.