IEA/AIE 2008 Special Session

The Twenty First
International Conference on Industrial Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems
IEA-AIE 2008
June 18-20, 2008 Wroclaw, Poland – Wroclaw University of Technology

IEA/AIE 2008 Special Session on
Software Agents & Multi-Agent Systems


The scope of this special session is on software agents and multi-agent systems applied to current trends in the network (converged network, broadband access, network management, Grid,...), service (multimedia, service provisioning, mobility, QoS, semantic web, e-business,...) and content (publish-subscribe, content delivery and trading,...) domains. The call is addressed to scientists and engineers from academic or industrial environments who design, develop and implement software agents in different areas and applications. Software agent is a program which performs some actions defined by user. Multi-agent system consists of autonomous and collaborative agents that have particular degree of mobility and intelligence.

The session is intended to provide the researchers an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience, as well as to discuss current development and explore trends in agent systems. Papers that describe methodologies, testbeds, measurements, experiences and solutions in agent design, development, implementation and deployment in mentioned domains, are invited.

The subject areas will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mobile agents,
  • Intelligent agents,
  • Agents in mobile networks,
  • Agents for electronic commerce,
  • Trading agents,
  • Agent-oriented software engineering,
  • Agent methodologies,
  • Agent cooperation, collaboration, and negotiation,
  • Agent communication languages and ontologies,
  • Agent security,
  • Formal methods in agent design.