Special Session on Trading Agent Competition @ KES-AMSTA 2012

Special Session on Trading Agent Competition
within the program of
Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25-27 June 2012
The Trading Agent Competition (TAC) was established to provide a platform for study of agent behaviour in competitive economic environments. Research teams from around the world develop agents for these environments. During annual competitions, they are tested against each other in simulated market environments. Afterwards, competition results can be mined for information on agent behaviours, and their effects on agent performance, market conditions, and the performance and behaviour of competing agents. After each competition, competing agents are made available for offline research.
There are several TAC scenarios currently active. The longest active scenario is the Supply Chain Management scenario (TAC SCM) where agents compete by buying components, assembling PCs from these components and selling those PCs to customers. Very popular scenario during the last few years is the Ad Auctions scenario (TAC AA), a sponsored search environment for a simulated advertising scenario where advertisers represent retailers in a simplified home entertainment market. They are placing bids for ads which are displayed to users who are searching home entertainment products by entering various keywords. The newest scenario is the Smart Grid scenario (Power TAC), where agents act as retail brokers in a local power distribution region, purchasing electrical energy from a wholesale market as well as from local sources, such as homes and businesses with solar panels, and selling power to local customers and into the wholesale market.
The goal of this special session is to share and exchange research results about designing agents for TAC scenarios, as well as analysing competition results with a goal of creating policy guidelines. Multidisciplinary approach is beneficial, involving the aspects of information science, computer science, artificial intelligence and economics.
List of topics includes (but is not limited to):
  • Design of TAC agents (SCM, AA, Power TAC);
  • Analysing TAC competition results;
  • Creating policy guidelines based on results from TAC competitions. 
Paper Submission
Papers must be formatted according to the instructions. Papers (guide length 4-6 pages) should be submitted via e-mail to vedran.podobnik@fer.hr. Papers must be sent as PDF documents for review. If accepted, a full set of publication files must be provided. Papers will be subjected to a 'light-touch' review by members of the Programme Committee and accepted or rejected on the basis of quality and relevance to the Invited Session.

Paper Presentation and Publication
Accepted papers will be presented as oral presentations and demonstrations in the dedicated workshop session on the first day of the conference. Papers will be available as web publications, making them widely accessible to the research community.

Each paper to be presented at the workshop must have at least one author who has registered and paid the fee.
Important Dates
Submission of Papers: June 8, 2012
Notification of Acceptance: June 11, 2012
Upload of Final Publication Files: June 14, 2012
Session Co-Chairs
Assist. Prof. Vedran Podobnik
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
E-mail: vedran.podobnik@fer.hr
Dr. Ana Petric
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
E-mail: ana.petric@fer.hr
Assoc. Prof. Wolf Ketter
Erasmus University
Rotterdam School of Management
E-mail: wketter@rsm.nl

Additionally, you can find the pdf version of the CFP here.