Agent-based Service and Telecom Operations Management - Overview

The A-STORM project deals with agent-based telecom operations management. The multi-agent system has been developed in order to explore possibilities for implementation of business-driven service fulfillment, charging-aware service provisioning, and support for multi-provider environment in the 3G mobile network. The multi-agent system provides end-to-end solution for efficient service deployment. Moreover, it provides so called software component mobility (i.e. software component may be seamlessly relocated from one network node to another). All this features are prerequisites for context-aware provisioning of IMS-enabled ubiquitous services, which has been currently investigating.

The project started in 2006 in cooperation with Ericsson NikolaTesla company in Zagreb, Croatia.

Research areas:

  • Business-driven service fulfillment
  • Charging-aware service provisioning
  • Support for mobility of SIP-based ubiquitous services
  • SIP-based knowledge exchange of service context
  • Context-aware provisioning of IMS-enabled ubiquitous services
  • Support for multi-provider environment
  •  Agile methods and agent-oriented software engineering

 Mobile/Intelligent Agents, JADE, JAIN/Parlay/OSA, SLEE, IMS, Grid, OSGi, Web Services, Semantic Web, Jess, Aspect-oriented Programming